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Patient was treated with orthodontics and was not happy with final outcome. She wanted to show more teeth when she smiled. Patient received eight veneers, given more body and length to her teeth. Patient was very happy.

Full mouth reconstruction, upper and lower teeth.

Patient was unhappy with previous dental work. Old temporary crowns were replaced with two Cerec crowns.

Patient had existing top bridge with massive bone deterioration. Teeth were extracted, socket preservation was done with bone graft and a new bridge was placed.

Patient had broken tooth for more than 10 years. Using Cerec Technology, we were able to restore the tooth in one visit. Patient requested to have the crown made the same color as his own teeth.

Patient had existing stainless steel crown, replaced with natural looking all ceramic crown.

Patient was not happy with front teeth, proceeded with same day smile makeover with four veneers.

Patient was in an accident and had trauma to his front four top teeth. Received a same day smile makeover.

The two front crowns were replaced to match the patients teeth color after the patient had bleached their own teeth.

Patient had an existing root canal, which led to discoloration in front tooth. Internal bleaching was done and a full ceramic Cerec crown was placed

Patient had an existing condition called Dental fluorosis and was unhappy with her spotted teeth. Same day veneer makeover was done.

Cerec ceramic crowns were used to restore one molar and replace an old broken crown.

Patient was unhappy with existing crown and large diastema (spacing between teeth). Two ceramic crowns were used to correcting the aesthetics of the old crown and spacing between teeth.

Two ceramic crowns were placed to restore root canal treated teeth.

A Cerec crown was placed on molar to restore old amalgams otherwise know as silver filling.

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